A trademark is used to distinguish your products and services from those of your competitors.

At Brouillette, we have the expertise and experience to give you strategic advice on your trademarks within the technologies and innovation fields. Our team of professionals and trademark agents will assist you in conflicts which may affect your trademark or its registration.

It may also involve providing advice regarding the protection of your trademark and the best strategy to adopt in specific cases, from the simplest to the most complex issues.

Our expertise extands to a global scale, which ensures you a complete protection of your trademark.

Our trademark agents provide a wide range of services including:

  • Preparation, filing and completion of applications for registration of trademarks in Canada, the United States, Europe, China and abroad;
  • Registration and renewal of your trademarks in Canada, the United States, Europe, China and abroad;
  • Tips for creating a great brand;
  • Research on availability and issue opinions on the registrability and validity of trademarks in Canada, the United States, Europe, China and abroad;
  • Provide strategic advice to an international scale;
  • Negotiation, drafting license and franchising agreements, co-existence international trade agreements;
  • Assisting in protecting your brand from counterfeiting;
  • Represent during opposition and cancellation proceedings (prosecution and defence);
  • Perform due diligence reviews and audits;
  • Negotiation and representation in disputes before the Courts and other litigious situations;
  • Portfolio management and branding strategies tailored to your needs;
  • Monitoring and investigation services;
  • Representation before the Trademarks Opposition Board of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, the Federal Court of Canada, the Superior Court of Québec and appellate courts, and various administrative agencies.

We handle the entire process related to your trademark’s registration, all around the world. We are here to help you protect, manage and develop your trademarks’ portfolio.

Protect, manage and maximize the value of your trademarks.


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