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Intellectual Property

Do you want to protect an invention? or a trade-mark? or a design? or a copyrightable work?

Have you developed a new product?

Is someone copying you?


At Brouillette, we can assist you in all aspects of intellectual property law and in the integration of intellectual property in your business strategies.

Our mission is to help innnovative enterprises and individuals wanting to start and build businesses. Our intellectual property services are particularly tailored to the needs of SMEs, creative people and entrepreneurs.


Worldwide assistance

We are able to protect your intellectual property assets in Canada, the United States, Europe, China or elsewhere in the world trough our global network.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Patent searches, drafting, filing, prosecution and maintenance
  • Trademark searches, drafting, filing, prosecution and renewals
  • Domain name searches, filing and renewals
  •  Industrial design/ design patent and model searches, drafting, filing, prosecution and maintenance
  • Copyrights searches and filings
  •  Advice and opinions on infringement, piracy, counterfeiting, unfair competition and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
  • Strategic advice on IP management to critically assess  and manage your intellectual property portfolio and ensure compliance with your business strategy
  • Assist in the preparation of intellectual property agreements, such as licenses and assignments
  • IP audits
  • IP due diligence
  • Representation before the Courts in case of a litigious situation, including piracy, infringement, counterfeiting, passing off and cybersquatting.

We have the legal knowledge and experience to achieve our clients’ objectives.


Contact us or call us at  514-798-0885 for a free initial meeting.