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Our team

Our pride

Our team can help you assess, define, protect and exploit business opportunities.

Each team member makes significant personal contribution to the success of Brouillette.

Our team is our most valuable asset. Let our professionals advise and protect your rights. We are proud to introduce our team of people from different backgrounds and with diverse experiences. This collective knowledge allows the firm to cover a wide range of business areas and is an inexhaustible source of innovative solutions to share with our customers. Our team understands your business issues and knows how to adapt itself to your needs!

All team members enjoy an excellent reputation thanks to the quality of their legal services, agents’ services and their ability to develop special, long-lasting ties with our customers by their proactive approach.

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain practical and informed advice.


Charlène Rambeaud

Charlene Rambeaud

Lawyer specializing in business law and trademark law.

Samy Amroun

Samy Amroun

Lawyer specializing in intellectual property and patent technical advisor

Philippe Brouillette

Lawyer and Engineer. Patent Advisor, Trademark Agent

Robert Brouillette

LL.B, Engineer acting only as Patent and Trademark Agent (consultant)