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Our main commitment is to exceed your expectations.

Since we wish to build long-term relationships, you should always get the best service when you deal with a member of Bouillette Legal’s team.

In addition of offering high-level legal services at very competitive rates, Brouillette consolidates the principles of corporate social responsibility in course of its business.

In fact, Brouillette is willing to respond their clients’ needs while reducing environmental impacts of its own activities and by giving back to the community.

To know more about our commitments:

Commitment to clients
Environmental commitment
Community and Social Commitment

Commitment to clients

At Brouillette, we root for your success in all of your projects and your overall business. That is the reason why we are committed to offer you personalized professional services that combine competence, availability, flexibility, efficiency, understanding, transparency and sustainability.

Accessibility and availability

Always available to look after your needs.
Realistic estimates delivered in 24 hours or less.
Explanations, advice and replies without intermediaries.


A great open-mindedness
A human size firm with a simplified and flexible service structure
A multidisciplinary team providing a varied and complementary expertise
Great capacity of adaptation
Strategies and solutions adjusted to available resources


Always on the lookout for new technologies, we have developed tools to optimize and automate a large part of our process. As a result, you only pay for value-added services.
Wise use of team members and team work.
Less interlocutors, more efficiency and more time dedicated to your business.
A proactive and passionate team devoted to your success.
An open work environment promoting discussion and collaboration.


A great understanding of your needs, your business goal and requirements.
To take the time to listen and understand your goals to develop an appropriate and adapted strategy.
A personalized approach and individualized service.
First and foremost, we seek to do what is best for you.
A deep understanding of legal and regulatory issues.


Clear, efficient and straightforward communications.
You will receive professional and honest advice.
No hidden fees.


Long-lasting business relationships
Practical, realistic and sustainable solutions
Success and sustainability in its long-term working relationships

These commitments make us a unique and innovative firm. Our promise is to meet these six commitments in order to provide you an exceptional quality service which meet your requirements.


Environmental commitment

Since 2011, we have gone green by taking steps focused on environmental protection. We also obtained the right to use the «Avocats verts/Green Attorneys» logo. This endorsement certifies that we make the necessary arrangements to protect the environment in our business decisions and daily actions.

Avocats verts

In order to do so, we take concrete eco-friendly actions on a daily basis to respect the environment, including reducing our paper consumption, saving electricity and energy, recycling and using “greener” products.




Community and Social Commitment

Our lawyers, agents, interns, students and administrative staff support many local and national organizations and participate actively in fundraising campaigns or as volunteers in various activities.

We are proud to support them in their efforts to help these organizations by participating in fundraising events in our offices or outside of work. We encourage our employees to dedicate some time, to contribute their talents to the community and promote important causes.

Here are some of the organizations we have been pleased to support in the last years: