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Patent Training

Nowadays, small and medium enterprises are facing fierce competition, whether locally, internationally or through the Internet. Large businesses hold large patent portfolios that represent an effective and competitive weapon for the retention and growth of their market share.

Patent is not a panacea or an answer for all cases. However, patent is a very powerful benefit for your products. Your competitors’ patent or pending patent application may also provide a significant benefit to your company.


Our unique and proactive approach

At Brouillette, we believe that both legal and technology aspects must be well managed and understood in order to achieve an optimal strategy related to patent.

By cons, with proper training and quality coaching, we are convinced that the company is able to undertake by itslef the initial steps related to the protection of its inventions.

In fact, we firmly believe that all companies with R&D operations should establish and follow a project management system that includes a search on the current status of the technology targeted by the project and filing provisional patent application throughout the whole process. For this reason, we have developed a unique training program, which will enable you to do it yourself !

Here is the currently available patent training sessions list:

Patents: Are they really usefull?

Search of patentability and provisional application

Why and how to get a provisional protection by yourself ?


This training session is offered at your organization or on our own premises and includes all the necessary training material.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at 514-798-0885 or by email