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Our firm’s philosophy

We are proud of the quality of our services and dedication to our clients.


At Brouillette, you get a memorable customer experience:

  • a higher value for money along with better results;
  • high quality and personalized legal services with no unpleasant surprises;
  • a multidisciplinary approach;
  • an available and reliable team, always attentive to your needs;
  • satisfaction guarantee;
  • professional and honest advice;
  • a more flexible structure;
  • a direct and effective contact without excessive fees;
  • effective solutions, tailored to your needs.


Quality legal services without excessive fees

Our goal is to provide you with the best legal services at highly competitive rates.

In our view, reasonable rates do not necessarily mean a compromise on advice quality.

In fact, you will get a much more interesting value for money than in large firms, while enjoying a personalized service.

We are able to offer quality services at lower costs thanks to proven records (files) management, innovative internal processes and our intellectual property management system SPIBA™.

Brouillette approach is entirely client-centered at all stages of the mandate.

All our work and actions are performed in order to continuously improve the quality of our services and clients’ satisfaction.

At Brouillette, we are dedicated to the protection and development of your inventions, your ideas, your products, your rights and to the evolution and success of your business.

The approach we have adopted to achieve success is based on a deep understanding of the business field and of specific issues of sectors where our clients operate, the use of innovative tools and experience combined with knowledge.


No hidden fees

We charge a reasonable fee, in accordance with pre-defined tariffs or specific estimates. Whenever possible, we prefer to work on a fee plan or in fixed costs, so that you know your likely costs.

Focused on the development of our clients, we are far more than just a law firm, but also a business partner.


Expert advice, a personalized service, effective solutions, this is the philosophy of Brouillette!


Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote about your project!