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Implementation in Canada

In addition to demonstrating great expertise in the field of direct sales, Brouillette Legal work in a Canadian market full of opportunities and assets for companies aiming to market their products, obtain or renew the necessary permits, including:

  • Canadian economic and legal stability
  • Natural resource abundance
  • Proximity to the United-States
  • Gateway to the rest of North America (member of NAFTA)
  • Technological excellence
  • Good universities
  • Generous R&D tax credits
  • Bilingual country (English and French)
  • Interaction of two legal systems (civil law and common law)

Foreign firms wishing to settle in Canada must consider several factors to ensure a successful implementation in the Canadian market.

Our experienced team will advise and assist you in every step of your implementation in Canada. We will be present at each stage of your project to provide you legal and corporate advice, in order to help your business thrive in Canada in the best conditions possible.


Call us at 514-798-0885 for a free initial meeting or contact directly one of our attorneys:


Robert Brouillette

Philippe Brouillette