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Start-ups and Incorporations

Starting a business is a stressful process as it involves many steps, questioning, decisions and challenges.


Our experienced and multidisciplinary team will assist you in all stages of your project in order to increase your chances of success in business.

startupSuccess in business does not only take into account the concepts, ideas, or the products themselves. More specifically, it depends on the way of implementing these components. Our team will help you plan and carry out the development of your business so that it has a solid footing.

We will be present at each stage of your project to provide you with professional legal and business advice to help your business thrive in the best possible conditions.

Our team is able to advise and assist you through all stages of your business project, including:

  • Selection and registration of your enterprise or your enterprise’s name
  • Selection of the legal structure and the enterprise’s jurisdiction
  • Analysis and drafting of constitution’s articles, bylaws, directors’ minutes, shareholders’ resolutions, dividend distribution, shareholders agreement, employees agreement, employment conditions and benefit plans
  • Review and drafting of contracts (customers, suppliers, funders)
  • Protection of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial design and trade secrets)
  • Intellectual property transfers


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Philippe Brouillette