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Brouillette celebrates World Intellectual Property Day !


April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day. Each year this special day serves to motivate and encourage innovation and creativity.

This year’s theme focuses on women who are a constant source of change and innovation. For more information, visit the Canadian Intellectual Property Office website.

Did you know that women are behind some of the biggest inventions and discoveries? For example, Monopoly was originally patented in 1903 by Elizabeth Magie. Also, Marie Curie was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering radium. She is a true example of a woman who distinguished herself by her curiosity and her genius.

At Brouillette, we are proud to support innovation by protecting intellectual property. We are also very proud to support women’s ingenuity in their entrepreneurial journey by advising them with regards to their trademarks and patents. Each year, our whole team joins the conversation and spreads the word about this very important day.

We wish you all a good Wold IP Day !



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