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Mathieu Audet

Mathieu Audet

Patent Agent

Mathieu Audet is a patent agent and a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from University de Sherbrooke. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of patents and industrial designs in Canada, the United States and the European Community.

Mathieu has extensive experience in product development; he worked for the transportation equipment manufacturer Bombardier Inc. and as a director in various other companies. Having taken full account of the importance of patents in the creative process and in business strategies, he has shifted from product development to the field of patents.

He worked for several years at Bombardier Recreational Products, where he was responsible for the Advanced Design Group intellectual property activities and was responsible for various other development teams.

Subsequently, he worked in intellectual property for some of the major Canadian law firms. His responsibilities ranged from traditional intellectual property work to supporting creative teams by integrating intellectual property issues into the development process and in their strategies. His expertise, based on a unique practical experience, allows him to offer sophisticated strategies to companies.

In addition to assisting clients, Mathieu is also a prolific inventor, responsible for about a hundred patents bearing his name.